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    Program Description

    Catholic University provides access to technology resources intended to be used by students as a component to their academic progress.

    In addition to the in-person use of desktop computers located in campus computer labs, classrooms, dedicated spaces and library facilities, the University provides students with remote-friendly access to individual desktop environments.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Any current Catholic University faculty member, student or staff enrolled in University classes may use these resources for academic use.
  • Enrollment Requirements

    Individuals who require access to these resources as part of their academic program may self-enroll in this service by completing the Student Remote Resources Enrollment Form. If prompted, please sign on using your Cardinal Credentials to access the form.
  • Ongoing Participation

    Enrollment in this program is continuous for the current academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer). Individuals needing access from one term to the next must enroll each term.

    Make sure your computer has the Microsoft Remote Desktop application installed. Please see the Resources section below to learn how to do this if needed.

    If you are located off campus, please connect to the VPN before attempting to launch a remote access service. Please see the Resources section below to learn how.

    Connect directly to a CatholicU lab computer


    Engineering students:


  • Unenrollment

    Access is removed from individuals at the close of each academic term (Fall, Spring, Summer). If you would like access removed before that time, please email techsupport@cua.edu with the request.
  • Primary Service Owner

    Betsy Ramsey, Technology Services
  • Resources