Cardinal Voice is the university telephone system for faculty and staff. It is a managed, hosted service: Windstream UCaaS, powered by Mitel.

Cardinal Voice provides standard telephone services such as office desk phones, courtesy phones for shared areas, conference room phones, analog utility lines for fax machines and other devices; local, long distance and international calling; and voicemail.

It also offers choices of services and features such as a forward only option, softphones and mobile apps, a presence client application on the computer and the option to forward incoming voicemails as email links.

Where is Cardinal Voice available?
Cardinal Voice is available on campus and, for some service levels, off campus as well.

Cardinal Voice is an IP Telephony system that runs over the university’s campus data network, just like a computer does. The phone sets plug into a data jack, not a dedicated phone jack.

Depending on the service level provisioned, Cardinal Voice also can be used from a PC or Mac, or Android or iOS smartphone or tablet anywhere on the internet.

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