Technology Services is the central IT department at Catholic University. Please explore our services by category to learn more about our offerings.
  • Administrative Services

    Administrative Services include lifecycle management of and data integration for the University’s ERP system and other enterprise applications. Activities include planning, implementing, developing, operating and maintaining these applications and functions in close coordination with administrative offices.

  • Business Service Center

    The Business Service Center is the IT business office. It facilitates the process of evaluating and purchasing technology at the University.

  • Collaborative Services

    Collaborative Services available to the University community include email, calendaring, file sharing, telephone and audio/video conferencing.

  • Instructional Services

    Instructional Services primary offering is management of the University’s Course Management System. 

  • Security Services

    Security Services focus on ensuring the integrity of the University’s information systems and assets, and protecting against unauthorized access, modification, or destruction of data. Services include identity (Cardinal Credentials) and access management.

  • Technology Infrastructure

    Infrastructure Services include the campus data network, Internet access, campus telephones, servers, central storage systems, and office technology including desktop computers and network printers. It also includes the data centers, virtualization technology, cloud services and backup/recovery technologies that support these services.

  • User Services

    User Services include a technology help line and a staffed Service Desk during weekday hours that provide support for University-owned desktop and laptop computers, software and network printers in offices, University classrooms and computing labs, and help individual users make effective use of technology services. 

  • Web Services

    Web Services include technical support for University websites and development of custom web applications.