• Mitel IP telephone desktop set with monochrome multibutton display and wired receiver

    Program Description

    Cardinal Voice is the university's telephone system. Cardinal Voice provides standard telephone services such as office desk phones, courtesy phones for shared areas, conference room speaker phones, analog utility lines for fax machines and other devices; local, long distance and international calling; and voicemail with an option to forward incoming voicemails as email audio attachments. It also offers services and features such as a forward only option, softphones and mobile apps, and a presence client application on the computer.
  • Eligibility Requirements

    Cardinal Voice is available for faculty, staff and other members of the university community, as well as for departmental devices such as fax machines or modems that require analog telephone service.

  • Enrollment Requirements

    Cardinal Voice service must be requested by a department head or department telephone billing contact, who sends email to cua-cardinalvoice@cua.edu to open a Service Request ticket. Telephone services are charged back to each department at monthly rates linked in the Additional Information section. Adding service is subject to a one-time service fee. The service level of an individual line may be changed monthly. Cardinal Voice operates over the data network, so the location to receive service must have an available network connection. For physical phone sets, a wired network connection and power is required. Soft phones run on Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS computers, and Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. The presence client runs on Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS.

  • Ongoing Participation

    Cardinal Voice services are charged back to departments monthly through an automatic funds transfer. The department telephone billing contact receives a monthly statement detailing the chargeback items. For service assigned to a specific employee, the line is listed as unassigned in the chargeback statement automatically when the person’s employment terminates or changes to a different department. The department head or billing contact must request other Cardinal Voice service changes by sending email to techsupport@cua.edu to open a Service Request ticket. These requests are subject to service change fees.

  • Unenrollment

    A department head or telephone billing contact may request a Cardinal Voice service be removed by sending email to techsupport@cua.edu to open a Service Request ticket. There is no service fee for removing service. Departments are encouraged to review each monthly telephone statement to identify services that are no longer required and request they be removed. Note: lines or phone sets that are removed from a department are put in a spare pool to fulfil future service requests.

  • Disposition of Orphaned Assets

    When a service is removed that has an associated physical phone set, the set will be removed by Technology Services. If a department finds a phone set that is no longer in use, please send email to techsupport@cua.edu to open a Service Request to have it picked up.

  • Primary Service Owner

    Ronald Montague, Technology Services.