This page describes resources available for requesting access to technology systems and services, and for requesting a departmental sponsored account.

  • Cardinal Credentials Password Change

    Applicants, students, faculty, and staff receive Cardinal Credentials at the time of their association with the University. Your Cardinal Credentials include a username and password that is used to access University services. For example, you use your Cardinal Credentials to log onto a Cardinal Station system, Cardinal Mail, Cardinal Learn, the campus WiFi network, campus computers and other services.

    The Cardinal Credentials Password Change page includes instructions on how to change your password, or reset a forgotten password.

  • Cardinal Mail Google G Suite Access

    Cardinal Mail is the University’s implementation of Google G Suite for Education. All students, faculty, and staff receive a Cardinal Credentials account for Cardinal Mail at the time of their association with the University. Alumni retain their Cardinal Mail access upon graduation.

    If you are faculty or staff and need access to Cardinal Mail departmental services such as Shared drives, Google Groups, or delegation to a shared mailbox, please visit the Cardinal Mail G Suite Support page to learn how to request these.

  • Cardinal Station Access

    If your University job position requires you to have access or elevated permissions to a Cardinal Station system (Cardinal Students, Cardinal Faculty and Staff or Cardinal Financials), please follow the Access Procedures for Cardinal Station systems.
  • Account Disposition Procedures

    To learn more about when your access to technology services will be disabled when you leave the University, please see Disposition Procedures.

  • Request a Sponsored Account

    Cardinal Credentials may be issued to other individuals with a relationship to the University when requested by a departmental sponsor. Use the Sponsored Account Request Form to request Cardinal Credentials for a sponsored account.