• Student Printing

    Many computer lab classrooms and computer common areas have shared network printers available. These can be accessed from the desktop computers in that room. These printers are a shared resource--please be courteous.

  • Faculty and Staff Printing

    The University's Printer Policy governs printing by Faculty and Staff. Shared networked printers are provided through a central contract managed by the Office of Procurement and Payment Services. Employees are expected to use the department's shared networked printers for their printing and copying needs.

    Departments are responsible for the cost of these shared printers located in their areas, and for purchasing and installing consumable supplies - including paper, toner and ink. Note that toner is included as part of the monthly shared printer cost.

    Technology Services provides configuration support only for the shared networked printers obtained as part of the university contract. Repair and other technical support is provided by the vendor as part of the contract. Technology Services does not support any other printers in Departments or Offices.

    Please visit the Ricoh Copier FAQ for more information about using the shared networked printers.