• Image of digital display monitor with university-related content.

    Program Description

    Cardinal Display is the university's digital signage system. Cardinal Display provides a visual display of slide-like content in various locations on campus. It also provides messaging during emergency situations on campus.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Cardinal Display service may be requested by a university department or office. The request should be made by the department head or his or her assistant (usually the technology chargeback billing contact).

  • Enrollment Requirements

    To participate in the Cardinal Display service, the department selects a location for the display monitor, submits a ticket via email to techsupport@cua.edu to request a system quotation and assessment of the cabling needed at the location, submits a Facilities project request to add any required power outlets, purchases the system and has Technology Services coordinate its installation. The system quotation includes the digital channel player, license fee, display equipment and, if needed, network port installation. To assist departments in their planning, a budgetary pricing document is available (Cardinal logon required). The department must provide a contact who will serve as its Cardinal Display administrator with responsibility for updating content for display.

  • Ongoing Participation

    Once a Cardinal Display system is installed, the annual support charges for its channel player and software are covered by Technology Services. The department must keep Technology Services informed if there is a change in its Cardinal Display administrator by submitting a service ticket via email to techsupport@cua.edu. All messaging content must pertain to University or department activities or information and meet identity and other style guidelines established by the Office of Marketing and Communications.

  • Unenrollment

    The department head or assistant may request a Cardinal Display system be removed by sending email to techsupport@cua.edu. There is no service fee for removing service. Cardinal Display equipment removed from a department are used as spares by Technology Services to fulfil other service requests.

  • Disposition of Orphaned Assets

    When a service is removed that has an associated physical device, the equipment will be removed by Technology Services. If a department finds technology equipment that is no longer in use, please send email to techsupport@cua.edu to open a Service Request to have it picked up.
  • Primary Service Owner

    Andrew Salzman, Technology Services