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    Program Description

    The Technology Storefront Chargeback Program allows certain items to be purchased using university funds via departmental chargeback from a central p-card, without the need for a PO requisition. This can reduce the time needed to acquire pre-approved technology goods. Hardware, software and auxiliary items that can be purchased under this Program are listed on the Technology Storefront website.
  • Eligibility Requirements

    This Program is available to University departments and offices with the following requirements and restrictions.

    • Storefront hardware and software purchased under this Program must be authorized by a person in the department with approval authority to the budget, since the department is responsible for ensuring that they have sufficient funds to support the chargeback expense.

      Specifically, Technology Storefront p-card chargeback purchasing is limited to individuals who have Requisition Manager access in Cardinal Financials to the department's operating budget. That person must log onto the Storefront to make a chargeback purchase, and attest that sufficient funds are available to support the chargeback expense.

    • Storefront p-card chargeback is limited to items on the Storefront.

      Only items that are listed on the Storefront may be purchased using this Storefront chargeback program.

    • Storefront Chargeback purchases are limited to $5,000 / month / budget.

      Storefront chargeback purchases are limited to $5,000 total per calendar month per departmental budget. A PO requisition must be used once this amount is exceeded.
  • Enrollment Requirements

    Enrollment is automatic. Employees who have Requisition Manager access in Cardinal Financials to the department’s operating budget are able to use the chargeback feature when they are logged onto the Technology Storefront web application. This access is normally given to the department head. Others will not see this option in the app, and must use a PO requisition for Storefront purchases.
  • Ongoing Participation


    Use the Technology Storefront website to place an order. Select "P-card purchase" at checkout and provide the required information. Click "Generate Ticket".

    A special service request ticket is created. The requester receives a communication via the ticket once the request has been assigned to an agent.

    Technology Services purchases the items using a central p-card, and provides the requester with the purchase details (tracking number, etc.). A copy of the receipt for the purchase is provided to the requester.

    The p-card expense for the items purchased through the Program is charged back to the department budget chartfield ORG that the requester specified during the Storefront app checkout. It is the requester’s responsibility to ensure that the budget has adequate funds to support the department’s Storefront chargeback expenses.

    The requester is notified via the ticket when the goods are ready for pickup at the Leahy 117 computer lab desk.

  • Unenrollment

    Unenrollment is automatic. Access to the Technology Storefront p-card chargeback feature is removed when an individual no longer has Requisition Manager access in Cardinal Financials.

  • Primary Service Owner

    Richelle Aine Torres, Technology Services