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    Program Description

    Catholic University has licensed Zoom for Higher Education as a video conferencing service for its community. Zoom assists Faculty in establishing hybrid or virtual classrooms, recording sessions, and managing communications within the meeting population. Zoom facilitates collaboration with real-time co-annotation and digital whiteboarding. Zoom has video breakout rooms, polling, and group chats for enhanced participant engagement. Departments may purchase additional features (large meetings and webinars) as an annual subscription.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    Faculty, Staff, Associates and Visiting Scholars receive Zoom for Higher Education professional licenses.

    Students, and Alumni with Cardinal Credentials, receive Basic licenses.

    (Alumni who do not have Cardinal Credentials may sign up for a free Basic account directly from Zoom using the email address of their choice.)

  • Enrollment Requirements

    Enrollment in Catholic University's Zoom for Higher Education is automatic for employees and visiting scholars, current students, and alumni who have Cardinal Credentials. Logon to Zoom is accomplished through Google using your Cardinal Credentials.

  • Ongoing Participation


     The Zoom professional license (Faculty, Staff, Associates and Visiting Scholars) allows for:

    • Meetings with up to 300 participants
      • Meetings can last up to 24 hours
    • Authentication via Google using Cardinal Credentials
    • Meeting Recording
    • Optional add-on enhancements for webinar and large meeting capacity (annual departmental subscription charges apply)

    The Zoom basic license (Students and Alumni) allows for:

    • Meetings with up to 100 participants
      • Note: Meetings with more than 3 participants timeout after 40 minutes
    • Authentication via Google using Cardinal Credentials

    Subscription add-ons to professional licenses

    • Departments may purchase the Webinar add-on subscription on the web Storefront

    Zoom Cloud Recordings are removed at the end of each semester

  • Unenrollment

    Enrollment in Zoom is based on a continued association with Catholic University and its continued licensing of the service.

    Access to Zoom is removed in accordance with the University's account disposition procedures in a similar manner as access to other University-provided services.

  • Disposition of Orphaned Assets

    A department head may request that its add-on license for Webinars or Large Meetings be transferred from one Zoom professional account to another by sending a service request to techsupport@cua.edu.
  • Primary Service Owner

    Betsy Ramsey, Technology Services