• Typical desktop computer with monitor, keyboard and mouse.

    Program Description

    The Desktop Replacement program was established to replace up to 20% of primary faculty/staff computers annually. The program is intended to ensure an up-to-date computing experience for faculty and staff, and to help provide a more secure network environment.

  • Eligibility Requirements

    In determining which computers will be replaced in a particular year, in addition to the age of the machine, the following factors are considered.

    • The computer must be the primary computer provided by the University to a faculty or staff member.
    • The computer must be a PC running Windows 10 (and must be in working order).
    • The computer must be joined to the CUA Active Directory and managed by Technology Services.
      • Anyone with valid Cardinal Credentials should be able to log onto it.
      • The computer is patched monthly by Technology Services.

    This is an Aladin model... old computers for new (departments may not keep both).

  • Enrollment Requirements

    You do not need to enroll to take advantage of this program. Regular faculty and staff participate automatically.

  • Ongoing Participation

    Each individual is limited to one replacement computer every five years. (A five-year hardware warranty is included with each replacement desktop computer.)

  • Unenrollment

    Computers are replaced based on their age or vulnerability to cyber threats. You may not "opt out" of the replacement, as the goal of the program is to remove these computers from service.
  • Disposition of Orphaned Assets

    This is a replacement program: the new computer is exchanged for the old computer. Reclaimed computers are reformatted and removed from service.

    If a department has additional computer systems that are no longer in use, please send email to techsupport@cua.edu to open a service request to have them picked up.

  • Primary Service Owner

    Ronald Montague, Technology Services